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Your Life Your Brand

Creating the branding and visual identity for a top 20 podcast.




James Oliver


Marketing, Social Media & Branding
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Your Life Your Brand.

Welcome to Your Life Your Brand with James Oliver.

James is the founder of Tanso, a brand and social agency based in the UK. He is a big believer in the personal brand movement. Working with entrepreneurs and businesses across the UK, James and his team help define brands and help them communicate with their audience.



When working alongside James on his podcast, he always wanted the visual identity for YLYB to be sleek and minimal. The logo is a minimal word mark that can be transformed into an icon and long form logo. To the graphics being fairly flat colour with flashes of gradients.


  • Social Media Posts, Stories and Thumbnails

  • Cohesive Branding

  • Thumbnails and Headers

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Logos


The logo.

James Oliver wanted the brand to be in your face and straightforward, so we found a font he would describe as "Savage" and went with creating the following word marks and icons.

The logo displays a level of transparency with the 'Your' parts being strokes rather than solid, to show the guests he has on the podcast allowing you to look into their life and brand.


YouTube thumbnails.

The podcast launched on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, but not YouTube. This was to help with getting it to chart on launch. But now it was time to put it on YouTube, I was put in charge of the YouTube launch by James which meant I had complete control of the identity. When creating the thumbnails I wanted James' and the guest's face on full display, as well as having their brand's logo in the back.


Count down graphics.

The social media strategy for the podcast was to post a series of graphics counting down the days till launch. James wanted to get the message off clearly, so using the brand colours I had the cover art front and centre with the text highlighted with the pink accent colour. As well as including the platforms the podcast was available on, so users knew exactly where to look.



James wanted his social channels to be branded around the podcast, so using the brand colours and fonts I created a sleek minimal header that has all the relevant information on it. We have the logo nice and bold to grab your attention, as well as some information about the podcast such as the topics discussed, achievements, and all the platforms on which you can view the podcast on.


Quote graphics.

Written in the podcast social media strategy was to pull 4 quotes from each episode bringing it a total of 40 posts for the first season. I created 2 template designs (both in black and white) allowing James to have variety on his feed with out things looking repetitive. 

The graphics followed the same design language as his other posts as well as following brand guidelines. Each quote was a feed post and story post.

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