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Trade Mastermind

Taking BBC Apprentice winner Joseph Valente's brand to the next level.




Joseph Valente


Marketing & Social Media
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Trade Mastermind.

Trade Mastermind was established by founder Joseph Valente in 2018 to help sole traders and small business owners in the construction and trade space to grow to 7 figures and beyond. Through coaching, education, mentoring and events, Trade Mastermind give you the blueprint, strategies, tools and trade secrets to boost your knowledge and show you how to get off the tools and go from tradesman to businessman.


Level up.

The main goal of Joseph Valente bringing me in on a full time basis was to take his current brand of the Trade Mastermind and improving apon its online presence. However my duties where not only limited to this but also taking their event marketing to the next level.


  • Social Media Posts, Stories and Thumbnails

  • Cohesive Branding

  • Paid Advertisements

  • Ebooks and Booklets

  • Brochures, Flyers and Covers

  • Roller Banners and more Event Branding

  • Thumbnails and Headers

  • PowerPoint Presentations

  • Logos

  • App Creative Sets


Logo refresh.

The first thing I wanted to do for the brand was give it a refresh. Joseph always portrayed his luxury lifestyle and how he scales his clients to that lifestyle. But the company logo did not reflex this, it used a dull brownish gold so I decided to change that to a more lavish shiny gold, this would later also be used in all my designs.


Facebook paid advertisement.

Joseph not only used organic engagement to drive traffic to the Trade Mastermind courses and programs but also used Facebook's paid ads service. This meant each week the marketing team would research what our competitors are doing and what's working on Facebook and then develop our own ad suite including all the appointment sizes for every possible ad placement. I used a Creative Cloud library and smart objects template method to save time when creating these. 


Event graphics.

The goal for the Trade Mastermind was lead generation, and social media was a lead magnet for them. This meant for me, I was tasked to graphic a variety of different graphics for each of their events to be put on their social media channels. Working a long side the social media manager here was the series of event promotion graphics in which I produced.


YouTube and TikTok.

The Trade Mastermind has 1000s of hours worth of video content but wasn't putting it anywhere. So myself and the social media manager launched the YouTube and TikTok channels. With the focus of the YouTube to be a platform for educational videos and then TikTok to more be a lead generator for potential new clients to find the business.


I branded the entire YouTube channel such as creating all the thumbnails and headers. The design methodology behind the thumbnails was keeping within the existing brand and having it templated out so new thumbnails could be created quickly.

When creating YouTube thumbnails you have to consider the purpose of the thumbnail, which is to allow the user to have an understanding of what the video is about and then get them to click it. As you can see my thumbnails achieve this by having bold text which tells you what the video is about and the background also makes this up with eye catching imagery.



When I joined Valente Media, Joseph only had the one ebook. However after speaking to him and drafting some concepts the 7 Secrets Series was born. This was a collection of ebooks all tailored towards different sectors of the construction industry. These ebooks allowed him to become a #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon. My duties was to design the covers, as well a organise all the text and images in them so it flowed well for the reader.


Trade Recruit.

Trade Recruit was a seperate entity of Joseph Valentes business empire, this was his recruitment agency designed to bring in members of the trade to his current clients. The idea of the social media channels for Trade Recruit was for it to have its own identity and complete the job of education and fill jobs.

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