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Garage Style

Upgrading their marketing one piece at a time.




Garage Style


Marketing & Social Media
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For the upcoming event, they needed some flyers to sit beside their existing brochure, this meant the design at to be similar but I also had to push a full brochure worth of information onto a flyer. This was achieved by utilizing both sides and instead of having a full paragraph to talk about a product I condensed it down to a couple of bullet points.


Garage Style.

At Garage Style Ltd we pride ourselves in being the UK's premier garage flooring company and have a long list of satisfied clients including worldwide brands, well known celebrities, race teams and domestic clients.

As a family run business we pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service alongside the best quality products. This is one of the reasons we were the chosen garage flooring company featured on the recent channel 5 garage documentary.

Our premium interlocking tiles have been manufactured in the UK for the last 30 years under the strictest quality control procedures to ensure we keep up our reputation for the best quality interlocking floor tiles available worldwide.

Unlike many competitors Garage Style use only the finest quality clean raw material to make sure our tiles are chemically resistant and to give you that extra peace of mind we also offer a complimentary 10-year warranty with any of our garage flooring products.



I was approached by Garage Style with the task of improving their in-person marketing material for their upcoming appearance at the Grand Designs expo in London. They didn't want to go away from their current branding but wanted the new designs to be more eye catching and get to the point quicker.

They also wanted some easy to edit templates for their social media channels which had a reach of over 100,000 followers.


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Event posters.

The posters needed to be bold and have a clear message, this was achieved by the choice of using a striking font as well as a contrasting colour scheme while staying within the brand guidelines. A call to action in the form of the website link was used, however, due to where these posters would of been placed a member of staff would be able to secure the sale in person once the poster attracted the customer.


Thumbnail template.

Garage Style has a large YouTube channel however wasn't fully optimized for each video. When I was speaking to the team, I mentioned how a well made thumbnail can convert views much easier as well as having a properly laid out description with a clear call to action.

This template was created for them to show a baseline of what they need for each video, each element is easily changed by using smart objects and layer styles. I passed this on to their admin meaning all they need to do is update the title, change the car cut out (multiple versions provided) and then change the background to something video related.


Social media template.

With over 100,000 followers across their social media channels, Garage Style still had no templates created for their posts. Even though a lot of their posts were organic photos or videos. They still ran plenty of graphic based posts for giveaways, job openings, and more. The current posts had no character and a flat feel.

When creating this template I wanted to make sure it was easily editable for their social media admin, I did this with the use of smart objects meaning only text and photos had to be changed. Secondly, I wanted it to be bold but also follow the brand style which I was given.

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